Terms & Conditions

Harvey & Davis Bicycle Service

1. You must be present with you bicycle during your scheduled pickup time. We will not pickup a bicycle without the customer present. 
2. Payment will be made during drop-off after service is complete. We will provide a receipt during drop-off.
3. Payment methods are as follows: PayPal, Venmo, Cash, Check.
4.  Part prices are not included in our price listings under the “part install” section of our website services page. 
5. We are not responsible for any damages, mechanical issues, or failure of any bicycles before or after leaving our possession. 
6. We are not responsible for any damages to customer bicycles during pickup and drop off.
7. In the act of scheduling a service appointment for your bicycle(s) you agree to the rates of labor and maintenance that are specified on the “services” section of the website.
8. In the act of dropping off a bicycle, the customer must be present and pay the amount specified on the given receipt in full. We cannot return the bicycle(s) unless the customer is present and the said amount is paid off in full
9. Some bikes require specific tools. This can result in longer hold times as well as the possibility of a new part to be purchased as a replacement. In some cases, we may not be able to work on the bike.